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Decisions are Made by Those Who Show Up

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We live in confusing times. Certainty and order are gone.The constant swirl of ideas, technologies, crises, and change can make it feel as though we are living within one of the storms that batter our cities.

But from the chaos comes a streak of optimism that should empower each of us to bring our best selves forward. It is an old saying that is truer today than at any point in history: Decisions are made by those who show up.

14000hours is building a grassroots movement to transform education. We seek to move beyond state and national policies to improve educational outcomes. We aren’t interested in test scores or the latest buzzwords. Instead, we are very interested in you: the students, parents, and educators who are ready to roll up your sleeves and design schools that better serve your needs.

Here’s what we’re working on:

  • We’re leading the change through hope, optimism, and connection

  • We’re creating a peer-to-peer mentoring network and collaborating across communities

  • We’re honing our craft and celebrating the artistry of educators

Our first project will be a three-week collaborative virtual workshop with parents, teachers, and administrators from across the United States. We’ll work together to develop solutions to an anxiety epidemic that often starts in our schools.

It’s this July – we hope you can join us.

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