• Overview

    14000hours Catalysts is a virtual workshop designed to spur collaborative action. It’s built on three core principles:

    1. We show up.

    2. We lead change.

    3. We do it together.

    There are no lectures or multiple choice questions. Instead, we’ll work together in real-time on Zoom, share our best ideas publicly on Wordpress, and push ourselves to ideate fast.


    We invite parents, teachers, and administrators to participate in this workshop. We aim for diversity in all its forms, especially perspective.


    Together we’ll answer a question: How might we reduce stress and anxiety in our schools?


    Over three Sundays, we will:

    • Build a community and a mentor network across silos in schools that lasts beyond the program

    • Gain new perspectives, empathy, and ideas from each other

    • Develop and prototype real solutions to reducing stress and anxiety in our schools

    Your time is valuable. You have so many ideas. You are ready to see change happen. Let’s build something, together.


  • Program Details

    Who is it for? There are spaces for 30 teachers, parents, and school administrators. The only prerequisite is that you are ready to improve your school community.


    Program timeline: September 16th to September 30th 

    • Sept 16, 23, 30 from noon—4 pm PST
    • Online group collaboration, feedback, and activities
    • Weekly online check-ins

    Program cost: Free


    Time required: 15 hours total; 5 hours/week


    Location: Meetings are all virtual, on Zoom. This is an online program.


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