WE HAVE 14,000 HOURS TO 
    What are our hopes and dreams for cultivating each unique person during this time? 

  • Inspiring Each Child in School

    Children spend 14,000 hours in school between kindergarten and 12th grade. In schools that you know, does this time inspire? Challenge? Make children more curious about the world? Help them feel valued or motivated to learn? In short, do kids thrive?


    Each one of us is wired to learn. Children are innately curious, and as social organizations, schools are uniquely positioned to expand this curiosity, and help each child gain the confidence and skills to make a positive contribution to their school and communities.


    Because we imagine a world where each child is deeply engaged, is excited by learning, and wants to make a positive contribution, we are leading a cultural movement to change the primary purpose of school. We seek to shift from thinking of schools as the ramp up to finally living one's "real life" in college or beyond, to the place and time to explore, connect, and create. It is the time and place to gain self knowledge, confidence, and a sense of belonging. It is the time and place for our society to celebrate the diversity that is inherent in the world, and see differences among us as the fuel for building a better world.

    Starting a New Cultural Movement

    14,000hours is changing the story of school. We believe the primary purpose of school is to develop children as whole people, even before we develop them as students. Our mission is to promote the uncovering of genius within each child by bringing together diverse perspectives to listen, learn, and work together in actionable and inspirational ways.


    "Connectivity is the organizing principle of the human species."

    —Khanna, TED 2016


    As parents and educators, we want the best for the children in our lives. By emphasizing the importance of connection as an educational tool, we can expand the way that students see themselves in the world and enhance their ability to be a part of solutions to problems. In order to change the story of school, we seek to foster connections within and among schools so that they may becoming thriving learning communities, fully in service of students.



    "We do not need magic to transform our world.

    We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.

    We have the power to imagine better."

    - J.K. Rowling

  • Our Approach


    Robust Communities

    Through Book Clubs, Supper Clubs, and Virtual Happy Hours, we bring parents and educators together to talk about parenting and educational issues important to them. What we learn from these circles, we share back here for others.


    Strength in Numbers

    We see the value of strength in numbers. We are building a collaborative to foster partnerships, share working models, and build capacity among schools seeking change. We can learn from each other. 


    Real Time Connection

    We bring together diverse perspectives to share what we know and can offer in terms of leveraging our collective, existing resources.

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